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Joe the Plumber, McCain the Stumbler

“Joe the plumber” has become conservatives way and especially McCain’s way of empathizing with the Middle class seeing as how McCain finds it very difficult to sympathize with people who worry about keeping the one house they do have, instead of the eight they own.

He is what conservatives tell us all the time is what every average “good American” is supposed to be. A white middle-aged straight married male who is the true American, while everyone else is unsavory, radical, or someone Americans should be suspicious of.

“Joe the Plumber” however has proven in weeks that much like a child’s glossy new action figure that with the aid of some conspiracy style e-mails, a wrench, and his reservoir of wisdom on such subjects as political theory, complex foreign policy observations, the finer points of economics, and just like every “real American” he now has a publicist, a possible book deal, a country western album and is thinking of running for congress.

Is there anything Joe can’t do? Well from the look of things Thursday showing up.

Lately the McCain/Palin ticket has been based on two things; disparaging Obama with the most outlandish, egregious, and inconsistent claims and Joe “the Plumber”.

Without either of these things McCain’s campaign is revealed to be like a flimsy structure that seems ready to topple with just the slightest breeze. Or maybe Joe is too busy as the “common man” meeting with his publicist.



Jeffery Amherst Book Store Closing its Door

Sad news and a blow for your small independent book sellers. Its sad, but according to, The Jeffrey Amherst Book store will be going out of business soon. We may always think of the future as getting better and more advanced, but in this world of increasingly big box retailers, its getting harder for these small unique stores with eccentric characters that become like avuncular relatives to the broader community.

Note the article is said to have appeared in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, but since the Hampshire Gazette has a subscriber only online site with articles, this one comes from’s invocation of the article.

AMHERST – A bookstore that has anchored the downtown business scene for more than 70 years could be closing its doors in the coming weeks.

Howard Gersten, who with wife Joy has owned the Jeffery Amherst Bookshop since 1978, said Tuesday that he was unable to find a buyer for the store, despite placing an advertisement in the Amherst Bulletin in June, and is now anticipating beginning the process of closing.

“We couldn’t find the right person to buy the store, so Joy and I decided to retire,” Gersten said.

Gersten, who is almost 79, said he and his wife have already worked well past the ages that many people call it a career.


Cindy McCain, Alien Seductress?

That much coveted alien endorsement. No,not the illegal alien endorsement. The not of this earth alien endorsement.

WASHINGTON, DC – In a shocking reversal with major implications for the U.S. presidential election, political kingmaker, the Alien has switched his endorsement from Barack Obama to John McCain amid furor. Both political camps are buzzing about the implications, as the Alien has correctly predicted the winning president in every election for the past 28 years.

Ongoing investigation points to Cindy McCain as being the cause for this historic shift in allegiances.

Uncovered photos suggest that in a last ditch effort to help her husband’s failing campaign, Cindy McCain seduced and then blackmailed the Alien for his endorsement.

And one wonders why the World News Weekly ended its print edition. I bet Tammy Bruce never wishes she had been a space alien so badly. And no I don’t mean in terms of her ideology I mean actually an alien.


New Obama Ad

The polls and the Electoral College may look promising, but the Obama campaign doesn’t want its supporters to feel to complacient. This ad on thier you tube page reminding them to cast a ballot. (H/T: Wonkette)


Reagan For Obama ?

No, not really. But this famous question then Republican candidate Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan posed twenty-seven years ago seems just as relevant today.


Christian Science Monitor to Go from Daily to Weekly

A sobering piece of news that could pose as an ominous sign for countless small newspapers throughout the country and perhaps around the world.

It was announced Tuesday that the 100 year old Christian Science Monitor, will dramatically cut down its print editions from daily to weekly, while centering the bulk of its attention on its online edition. Net loses in profits are said to be the reason for this.

This is a symptom that is obviously due to a decrease in newspaper circulation and for a small operation like the Christain Science Monitor that is a respected, but small and by and large subscription only newspaper that you won’t find at just any general store on the news rack alongside the New York Times and USA Today. But any lose in that realm is a big lose.

Business Week:

The Christian Science Monitor, which turns 100 years old this year, is announcing on Tuesday, Oct. 28, that it will cease daily publication next April. The newspaper will shift to a weekly print format while increasing its emphasis on its Web site, says its editor, John Yemma.

In doing so, the Monitor will become by far the most prominent newspaper to scale back its print edition substantially.

The Monitor, an independent publication funded by the Christian Science Church, is currently posting net losses of $18.9 million a year on $12.5 million in revenue, say Monitor executives. Cutting print frequency from its current five times a week to once a week is expected to slice those losses to $10.5 million within five years, said a spokesman. The Monitor’s current circulation is 56,000. The high-water mark for Monitor circulation was 223,000, a figure the paper hit in 1970.

This is sad news for both subscribers of the Christian Science Monitor and those who read regular newspapers alike. I myself while not one of those frequent consumers of newspapers, subscribed to the Christian Science Monitor a few times and have always had a bit of a soft spot for that humble daily journal. But I soon became consumed by other things and my subscription ran out. Knowing that its life as a daily print paper is coming to a close sometime next year I myself would subscribe again, though I like so many others am a little short on money right now.


Two Skinheads Arrested in Obama Assasination Plot

There has been so much hate in this campaign, springing forth by aggravated conservatives and people who are just bound by their own ignorance and unreasoned illogical and ugly hatred.

Now after the bizarre and fabricated report of a McCain volunteer being assaulted by an African American, a real terrifying incident where a real incident of violence is now allegedly thwarted. The Feds have arrested two neo-Nazis in Tennessee, suspected in a plot to assassinate Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill), and murder 88 African American students at a school.

This just shows that while we as a society have made immense progress in terms of race relations and civility, there are still those in enclaves who with hate brewing in their hearts seek to drag us back through horrific acts of violence and make we the majority of civilized paralyzed by fear.

No matter what your politics are, a political assassination as well as the slaughter of nearly one hundred people is horrific to even think about.

Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two white supremacists allegedly plotted to go on a national killing spree, shooting and decapitating black people and ultimately targeting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, federal authorities said Monday.

In all, the two men whom officials describe as neo-Nazi skinheads planned to kill 88 people – 14 by beheading, according to documents unsealed in U.S. District Court in Jackson, Tenn. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

The spree, which initially targeted an unidentified predominantly African-American school, was to end with the two men driving toward Obama, “shooting at him from the windows,” the court documents show.

“Both individuals stated they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt,” the court complaint states. “Both individuals further stated they knew they would and were willing to die during this attempt.”

The best thing we can do to fight this hate and really aggravate these two Hitler worshiping neo-Nazis is to cast a ballot for Barack Obama on November 4. Many people my age and some older have expressed anxiety that if elected President, Obama would not only find himself on the receiving end of racially tinged vitriol and anti-Muslim rhetoric, but that his very life could be endangered, by those such as these two suspects who despise the mere notion of an egalitarian diverse America, where Americans are no longer garisoning themselves off in a state of erratic fear, but embracing each other in the fashion of America’s promise.

The way I respond to those who express such anxieties is while that is a worry I too share, we can’t be held in the shackles of our own fears and worse case scenarios. In short, vote based on the issues and your ideals, don’t deprive yourself and your country of a more vibrant future because of your fears about what could happen to them.

UPDATE: Much like the minds of the two guys involved, police say the plan wasn’t fully formed yet.